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Haldiram has been rightly termed as Taste of Tradition. Known for its unbeatable taste in Mithais and Namkeen segment, Haldiram is an household name now. It was in year 1937 in Bikaner, when Ganga Bishen started selling Bhujia sev in Bikaner and it became so popular within city that even tourist coming to the city prefer to buy it. Then in 1941, the name 'Haldiram's Bhujiawala' was used for the first time. Then after they expanded business in Kolkata followed by another unit in Nagpur, and in 1983 first retail outlet was opened in Delhi.

Haldiram has grown both in domestic and international market. Today Haldiram is known for matchless quality, packaging, efficient supply chain management, distribution network and zero impurity. Company uses best technology for its all manufacturing units and special attention is given to packaging due to which shelf life of namkeen has been increased to six months. The Aggarwals family that owned Haldiram group always paid attention to need of customers in order to expand. For this the company offers wide range of variety catering to needs of different age group.

In early nineties, there was conflict within the group and they had to split. Prabhu shankar who was handling Kolkata unit filed complaint against Delhi and Nagpur units, alleging breach of contract when sweet shop was opened in Delhi in 1991. Final judgment came from court in 1999 leading to formal split into group leading to three different companies with specific territories. However, boundaries remains on paper, each company tries to penetrate into others region and competitors take advantage of the same.

In the early 1990s, because of the conflict within the Aggarwals family, Haldiram's witnessed an informal split between its three units as they started operating separately offering similar products and sharing the same brand name. In 1999, after a court verdict these units started operating as three different companies with clearly defined territories. This split had resulted in aggressive competition among themselves for a higher share of domestic and international markets.

Haldiram product range from namekeen, sweets, sharbat, dairy product, ice cream, snacks, dairy and bakery products, from this highest contribution comes from namkeen. Company’s Nagpur unit alone manufactures 51 varieties of namkeen, Delhi 25 and Kolkata 37. Company varied product tastes according to preference of customers residing in different parts of the country.

Haldiram group has well managed distribution network, which has its reach for its products in country as well as other parts of world. Carrying forward (CFs) agents of company collect goods from manufacturing unit who pass them to distributors, who in turn send them to retail outlets. Haldiram has entered into e-retailing also, they have tied up with indiatimes to sell their products. This clearly shows that the company that has its roots in traditional India is innovating with time and this is what a successful company does. Innovation and marketing is a key to success for Haldirams. Few of the examples of innovation strategies adopted by Haldirams’ is the use of mineral water in the preparation of pani puri and chat papri to attract customers who are very conscious about the hygiene of the Namkeens and Snacks sold in the country. At one point of time Haldiram had tied up with irctc to sell evening snacks in Rajdhani and Shatabadi express.

Haldirams has very well understood the intensity of competition in this highly diversified market so they have tied up with Profile Advertising, which designs attractive posters, brochures to facilitate the brand. Visual merchandising of showroom and retail outlet is enhanced by displaying products on special racks. Through these strategies, Haldiram is posing a tough fight to its competitors which include not only Agarwals, Nathus and Bikanerwala, and but also to Pizza chains like Pizza hut, Mc Donald’s


findsomethingnewtoday said...

Hi Neha,

Commend you for the well written piece (But seriously you could have done much better on the Distribution part of the story )

Could you please quote on this ?
--Through these strategies, Haldiram is posing a tough fight to its competitors which include not only Agarwals, Nathus and Bikanerwala, and but also to Pizza chains like Pizza hut, Mc Donald’s

I believe that what Haldiram serves is a platter, and people do not go to Haldiram to eat a pizza, while they might have it there, but I don't think that Pizza Hut or Mc D is a competition by any standards .What they serve is mainly Junk, and Haldiram's is a known for its Traditional roots.

Would love to hear your View point on this.


y a t r i. . . said...

hello ekta tis one is for you..

neha here is looking as a 'competition' as in.. "whoever can restick the purchase".. i totally agree to what she said. yes, we dont go to haldiram to eat pizza. but when i m hungry ,i'll head towards eating outlet. while i m entring Haldiram, i may see a MC.D right next and may go in there. Food is rated the most 'impulse' buy..


Anonymous said...

Haldirams is PURE 100% unadulteated junk fit for lazy stupid people. All snacks fried in artery clogging Trans Fat.